Wednesday, May 13, 2009

live broadcasting

Coming to you live from my brand new computer.

This blogging hiatus must be some sort of record for me-I haven't posted at all this week. Now that I have the technology right at the tips of my fingers again, I feel a little more reconnected.

My mother's day (not my first one per se, but my first one with my baby with me) was fantastic. Jimmy greeted me with my favorite breakfast in bed (for inquiring minds: chocolate chip pancakes, bacon, and fruit. And he got brownie points for bringing me coffee as well). We spent the early afternoon at the park with the wee one, taking some six month pictures (I cannnot believe we're over the halfway point to her being a year. Try not to remind me of that, please.) I cheated and picked out what I wanted for Mother's Day early this year-I finally found the apothecary jars that I had been envisioning for quite some time with no success in finding the actual things. Jimmy also got me a book and a movie.

I have spent the last hour perusing recipes for various things. Do you still wonder why I'm having a hard time shedding these last few baby pounds? Perhaps, I should even stop blaming my baby given that she is now half a year old. Otherwise, I would have to take the blame for pigging out entirely too much, so I'll give her the blame for three more months. Nine months on, nine months off, right? It doesn't help that baking is a favorite hobby. I'm all about trying new recipes while I have nothing else to do. What's that you say? What about cleaning my house? You should know that for the first time in the last five months my house is rather clean. Dare I even say, spotless? And as a bonus, my house hosts the wonderful aroma of homemade bread (thanks, Leanne, for the inspiration). I find that there is quite possibly no better smell.

I'm back to being able to enjoy books again. Isn't it a shame that I have to essentially stop reading when I have so much paperwork and commitment through school?! It's so nice to lay in bed at night and in the morning (while Sleeping Beauty sleeps her life away) and just enjoy a book. Current indulgence: Prep.


LaVonne said...

I have not read that one yet. I am re-reading New Moon right now. Welcome back. Isn't it nice to be able to read for pleasure again? Good luck on the weight. I am back to my pre preg weight but I want (need) to lose about 10 more. Not easy at home though, I always want to snack.

Sheila said...

Sounds like you had a great Mother's Day! I get those cravings to want to try new recipes too, or just make old favorites! And then I'm the one that eats them all!!!

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