Thursday, May 28, 2009

household additions

We'll be adding an unknown number of living members to our household soon. And if your questioning the idea that I'm pregnant and carrying multiples, I'll tell you just how likely that is. About a 0 percent chance.

But really, we are adding more member-the furry variety. I am not thrilled that this little accident happened, but what can I do now? Nothing, really, so I'll look forward to it instead of dreading it. This little furry lady will be having puppies around the end of July or beginning of August:

And let's just say that Kirby (sperm donor, if you will, given that he isn't much of a father figure) will be a little less of a man come next Thursday morning. And I'm counting down the seconds

I'm guessing that this makes it official: I really am a true nerd, because I'm watching the National Spelling Bee on TV and having nostalgic moments remembering when I was in a spelling bee many years ago. Though, it certainly wasn't on national television. We had a competition in my fifth grade classroom and nobody told the little competitive version of myself that the winner would go on to compete at the high school with people of all grade levels (5th and up). I was so frightened standing in front of the entire school that I purposely missed the word given to me so that I wouldn't have to stand up in front of all those pairs of eyes again. It's funny now, but I was so ashamed at the time. And let it be known the first time I actually confessed this was last night, talking to Jimmy. After all these years, it feels so good to get that out.

I am indeed the owner of a photo editing program that I just love-Photoshop Elements. However, I had it before we moved (and because it was on my old computer, I never needed the actual software again), and I cannot find it anywhere now. Because I have a new computer, I need the software to reinstall. That would be why my blog looks like a half-finished construction project-I really need that software to tweak several things. Bear with me as I turn this house upside down to find it.

Ruby and I are off for a day out tomorrow. I have several stops and hope she behaves. I also hope her little rebelling belly can hang out until we get home-the messes of poop have been unbelieveable (which I can only tie to teething)-we have had more blowouts in the last two weeks than we have had over her entire life, I think. We have several stops to make-this may take a lot longer than I am anticipating. This will be my first time out with her alone, you know, with her on this side of my belly. If you receive any SOS tweets, come look for me running errands.


Ashley said...

In the meantime you might try Gimp. It's comparable to Photoshop, except it's slower and it's free. But you can download Photoshop brushes and stuff and use them with Gimp, too. I alternate between Fireworks and Gimp for all my picture editing stuff since I can't afford Photoshop.

Sheila said...

I think I'd go nuts without some form of editing software!!!
Can't wait to see pics of the newest edition! :)

Heidi Boos said...

"Surprises" are always fun, aren't they? Are you going to keep all the puppies!? ;)

My mom and dad were also watching the spelling bee the other night when I called to say hello. I guess it must have been exciting! ;) Too funny (now) that you purposefully misspelled a word...I'm sure you would have been the champ!

Hope your outing with the "explosive one" went well.

Hope you're having a great weekend!

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