Tuesday, May 19, 2009

get your groove on

We had eye appointments this afternoon. Admittedly, all I could think about was the dreaded puff of air right into the eyeball. I'm no eye doctor, but I cannot understand how in the world that torture could tell you if you have glaucoma or not. One time, I remember this being so bad that my eyes started watering and then I was snapped at for not being able to keep my eyes open. Fortunately, I was able to work myself up enough that it seemed silly afterwards. And, am I the only one who feels like eye exams are one big trick question? The whole Is picture 1 or picture 2 more clear charade seem like one big joke in which the doctor flashes the same two pictures over and over again. Perhaps it's one big conspiracy among optometrists-they get their jollies from tricking patients with various mind games. Sadly, I was unable to order new glasses today because the doctor wasn't for sure on my new prescription. I have to say, this trial pair of contacts is like magic overtop of my eyeballs-I haven't seen this good in quite awhile. So, I have to make another trip next week to make sure things are still okay with and then I'll order glasses. While Jimmy was fitted for his new pair (he only wears his for driving), Ruby and I explored the frame choices:

today marked the first time that Roo bug could ride in a car sitting up!

Tomorrow, I will be cleaning like a mad woman. Does it make it weird that I am a little excited about that? Hopefully, Ruby will be cooperative..that girl has a serious knack for acting uncharacteristically when I really need my calm, laid-back baby. If nothing else, I will pop her in the sling and make my rounds cleaning. I finally bought some spray bottles today so that I can make my own household cleaning solutions (natural ones, of course!) so I'll be testing those out tomorrow. The possibilities with tea tree oil and some plain ol' water are limitless.

The smell of homemade granola lingers through my house and it's a little like a drug to me at the moment. It smells so good; I can't get enough of it! I got the recipe from my good friend Leanne and I anticipate using it quite a bit in the future. Jimmy and I love to eat granola with yogurt and fresh fruit. I think I'll probably eat some as cereal too now only because of how simple and quick it is to make!

and in case you are on the lookout for some dance moves, Ruby can help you. She was a dancin' fool until I turned on the camera and then she just stared. But, for your sake, she got over being bashful quite quickly and demonstrated her Ruby-esque skills. Let me know how these moves work out if you dare try them at the next dance opportunity you encounter.


Heidi Boos said...

I'm realizing lately that I may need to get my eyes checked, specifically for reading. It just doesn't come as naturally as it most and I have to adjust the book/magazine to see it just right!

So many cute pictures to ooh and aahh over today! Love that she can sit up in the cart now. What a milestone (we had one of those cart covers, too...brilliant!)

Sounds like you're staying busy and figuring out the plans for the week. Good luck {having fun} with all of the cleaning! ;)

I couldn't get the video to work, but I'll switch browsers and try to check it out.

Happy Wednesday!!

Hillary (Mrs. Einstein) said...

She is so.stinkin'.cute!

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