Wednesday, May 6, 2009

heavy heart

The timing of finishing up with school has been perfect-the weather this week is my favorite kind. It has a light, refreshing summery feel to it, but it isn't hot. We grilled tonight for dinner, and everything about today just felt so summery.

I did sub for second grade today and had a lot of fun. Went off without a hitch unless of course you count the underwear incident. I'll spare you the details. It was a lot of fun being with a different group of kids-there were so many different dynamics and fun things to observe. I hope that I can get a bit more time of subbing in before school ends for that purpose alone. And well the extra money isn't bad either.

I have had a heavy heart the last few days reading through prayer requests on MckMama's blog and others. We have things so so so good here, and of course I could dig up a list of prayer requests, but that's just it-I'd have to think about them. I don't have a husband with cancer, I don't have marital or financial issues, our house isn't in danger of being foreclosed, our job situation isn't bleak, I have a healthy child and so many blessings. I wish I didn't take so many things for granted, but I'm only human, and I often find myself doing this. We have people that we are quite close to in need of dire prayers and then there are people I don't know at all-but have discovered somewhere in the blogosphere-and my heart just aches for them. I lay in bed at night wondering so much about these people and why they have been dealt their respective hands. I know it's all a plan, but sometimes, I have such a hard time accepting the hardships in life. I can't even fathom what it would be like to wonder if my child will be alive tomorrow, and yet all of these people seem to find their faith in God and the courage to continue on. I have so many thoughts on such things-it's hard for me to comprehend that all of these precious sick children are suffering and even dying each day. If you have a moment to spare, please say a prayer for someone you know that could use one-this is something I should do much more often. When I read these stories, I just find myself sick that I have gone for so long taking my entire life for granted.
Just yesterday, one of Jimmy's coaching friends was unreponsive when his wife went to wake him. He is okay now, but they are trying to commit to a plan of action regarding the things that have happened (he had a stroke).
And of course I mentioned Jimmy's good friend (he was in our wedding-Todd) who was in a serious car accident on Friday night. There was alcohol involved and all three passengers were injured quite severely. Two are with broken necks (including Todd) and one has bone fragments in his spinal cord, so I'm not sure what that means for him. Todd is facing legal ramifications due to the alcohol and the severity of the injuries to the other two, so he'll have a long, difficult road ahead of him in more ways than one.
On much less of an intense note, our good friends Troy and Christy are at the hospital as we speak waiting for their little one to arrive. Today happens to be her due date, so I'm hoping she has him/her (it's a surprise-I love surprises!) today. Ruby was a due date baby-I like it when that works out.
Things to be thankful for:

-my degree-something that seemed like forever to complete, but I have it now and I realize this is not a given to anyone.

-my family. I have a small, tight knit family which is something not a lot of people can say. I am surrounded by so much support, love, and encouragement, it's hardly believeable.

-my Ruby. She's the absolute light of my life, and I'm so thankful that she's healthy.

-my husband. He's an amazing man. Just last night I apologized for not doing my "wifely duties" (dishes) in a half-joking manner. And he replied that there were no such things-they were household duties and he would help me. Seeing his love for me and his child is something I never would have been able to foresee (not in the sense that I believed he wouldn't love her, but it's something you can't predict-you have to see it).

-my home and my belongings. I realize this is so materialistic-sounding, but in our world today, it's so much more than what so many people have.

the wind is not something I love, can you tell? PS, I know you're just dying to know how we got so cool. I'm thinking about purchasing my own hat like that.


AiringMyLaundry said...

What a fantastic thankful list.

Underwear incident?? Oh my.

Unknown said...

The pictures are so pretty and natural. Thanks for sharing.

Stephanie Hargis said...

What a great post Hillary! I loved reading it.

The underwear incident. "It was Nick!" Haha! I still can't get over that! Sorry you had to deal with it. :) Good experience, eh?

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