Monday, April 6, 2009

um, right?

I pessimistically wondered what my day had in store for me as I woke up this morning and dropped my contact case in the toilet. The stupid thing is I thought to myself as I rushed to go to the bathroom that it would be reeeally bad if I dropped them in there. And because I know you are all wondering, why I needed to carry them to the bathroom..I took out my contacts in bed last night and just set the case on the bedside table. This morning, I grabbed them and needed to go to the bathroom in a hurry, so I just held them. Oops.

Luckily, that did not seem to be an indication of how my day went. Other than the fact that I stupidly chose short socks to wear and my boots rubbed me the wrong way (ha) all day long. And other than an intimidating (but really just all talk) letter from the blackholeIRS. I do the bookwork (and by bookwork, I mean the minimal tax payments). The organization of all of the actual bookmark is on the agenda once school is done. Anyhow, appareotly they allow you to pay the taxes online but require a form. Explain to me why you would even make paying online an option if you needed to fill out a form that isn't available online? If I understand anything that involves our federal government before I die, I would have been successful.

As long as I turn in the backdated forms by the end of the month, we're fine. Thankfully we didn't owe money or else there would have been late penalities and interest due. Any little money they can, right?

Ruby has discovered how easy it is to pull out her pacifier. What she has not figured out, however, is how to put it back in. Once we master that, there should be no excuse for nighttime waking, right?

I'm about to jump on Jillian's 30 day shred wagon. Let's face it, I need someone like Jillian on my butt. Just need to order the DVD. That would help, right?

Do you think I can say right anymore? Me either.

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