Monday, April 13, 2009

kid at work.

a new computer (Papa's new toy) just her size!

she has the important things in life, her computer, her rabbit, and her papa!
leave me alone, mom. I'm busy blogging!

I miss being pregnant. There, I said it. Someone, please shake me-I don't know what else I need to remember in order to discourage me from becoming pregnant 12 more times. As if the constant gagging, tiredness, sore body and pregnant waddle weren't enough. Okay, just kidding-I don't want 12 children, and I really don't want to be pregnant again, but I do miss my baby belly. In a meeting today, I was watching my [pregnant] friend's belly move and I miss that. Growing a life inside of your body is something that's absolutely indescribable. Simply said, it's miraculous and amazing.

The countdown is on-I have 11 days of school left. Only three of which I am teaching full time. Next week, we begin the phasing out process. It's gonna go by fast, too-I have so many scheduled commitments in the next three weeks, I'm a little afraid that something will slip my mind.

I'm trying not to stress about the finality of all of this. I have a lot to get done before the semester is officially over, and my time is running short. My weekend will probably be spent putting the final touches on my portfolio-sounds like a happening weekend to me! At this point, I'm going with the ignorance is bliss motto for now, otherwise I'll drive myself crazy with the mental to-do lists.

It's strange to think about how much build up there is about student teaching for the duration of the entire education program. It's always been visualized as this huge wall standing between me and the completion of my degree. And now, I have almost scaled that wall. Scary. And exhilerating.


LaVonne said...

I think you must be crazy! Miss being pregnant? I can't imagine! :)

Cute photos. Enjoy your week.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx said...

You're nuts! But in a good way. That little computer is adorable.

Hey, I need your email!! I want to respond to your comments on my blog, but can't find a way to contact you anywhere!

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