Friday, April 24, 2009

elbow grease

Our shower has proved to be the source of more stress than a shower should ever be allowed to cause. It's a huge shower-one with a magnetic glass door and enough room to fit about 8 people. Not that you would want to. Or at least I wouldn't, but you get the idea. It's bigger than you would ever need. For this entire shower, there is only a little tiny space above the door for the moisture to get out and so (you can see where I'm going with this), it becomes so dirty so quickly. I can't reach the entire upper half and the fumes in there are enough to give me asthma attack. Ya know, if I had asthma.

The other night, Jimmy worked on it for quite awhile and it came out looking cleaner than it ever has, but I gasped for breath as I walked up the stairs, the smell was so awful. So I slept on the couch. And paid for that the next day. If you ever have the choice, just go with the small shower.

And while I'm at it, with the bathroom talk and trying to tell you how to live your lives, I might as well go ahead and demand that you use Scrubbing Bubbles as a bathroom cleaner-we've had such great luck with it!

Did I mention that we now have more reptiles in our classroom? Anoles. And if you aren't familiar with what an anole (uh-nole-ee) is, like me, it is what I would call a chameleon. Disgusting, yet fascinating little creatures. Anyways, one has already died. We don't have the reptillian touch in here, apparently. Recall the dying frog if you are unaware of what I'm talking about. I was hoping the kids wouldn't notice this morning, but of course, they took notice within five minutes of school beginning. They knew that it was missing but thought he was in the tube, so I had to break the news to them. You would have thought I had told them Mrs. Eldridge had died-poor things.

I haven't mentioned any kiddo sayings in awhile-they come and go. I think I'm becoming a little less aware of the comical first grade musings. One of my kids told me on Monday that her outfit was from California, where she went over the weekend. In case you weren't aware, California is about 18 hours away from here. Just to clarify, I asked if she had driven or flown, and she said they drove. It only took a couple of hours, though.

I can't recall what we were talking about, but Donna mentioned to me something about us going home, and one of the kids overheard and said, "You have a home?!" I think they believe school is our home.

Donna hosted a party for me at her house last night where we enjoyed good food (I have a serious weakness and that would be party foods), good drinks, and great company. I can never think of anything profound to say in situations like that-the party was all for me, and I should have said something about how wonderful it has been to be there amongst all of them and under the leadership of Donna, but words escaped me. Every time I stop and think about it, I'm just amazed at the love and genuine support and inclusion I have received being here. They pooled together and got me a $133 gift card to a teacher store not far from here-I can't wait to shop there! I was so taken aback by kind words and gestures, I didn't really get a chance to gather my thoughts enough to speak them, but I'm so thankful for my placement!

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Sheila said...

Haha that's so funny about the kids thinking you live at the school!!

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