Friday, April 10, 2009

creative inspiration at last

Jillian is her on way! This is the first time that I have really found something about exercising that is motivating. Minus the incentive that is to look somewhat decent in my clothing. There are too many testimonies for this workout not to be good. I'm a person who needs immediate results or it's hard for me to keep going. Now, if only they made a pocket version of Jillian to keep my eating choices in check. Then I'd really be set.

I have spent the morning in my own personal Heaven, making cards. I have recently become re-inspired after a much too long hiatus. Wedding, crazy course loads, working, and being pregnant. My lifestyle up until now has not been conducive to being tucked away in my personal corner of the garage for hours on end. And really, it still isn't, because in case you forgot, I do have a baby who likes to squawk on occassion. Actually, that's why I have taken a break at this very moment.

Last night, I ironed Ruby's Easter dress, as Jimmy tied up the loose ends before we went to bed (dogs outside, door locked, lights off, cup of water). He watched me iron the back part of it. Laying in bed, making strange noises at Ruby as she rests on my chest, I heard the English language be twisted into one ugly string of expletive word vomit, and I knew exactly what had happened. Jimmy had placed his hand directly on the tip of the searing hot iron. For some reason, I burst into hysterical laughter. It really wasn't funny at all, but it was my immediate reaction. He said he just momentarily forgot despite the fact that he had just seen me using it. It blistered in a matter of seconds, and today most of his finger is an awful brown color.

The little one is snoozing, so back to my desk I go! Happy 5 months, Roo bug!


Hillary (Mrs. Einstein) said...

I'm jealous! I'm so far behind on my card-making that I actually just bought 2 cards from the store! *shudder*

LaVonne said...

I would love to sit down and make cards and scrapbook! My princess gets into everything now. I bought her some stickers at Micheals last week. I am starting her early! ;)

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