Wednesday, April 22, 2009

computer needs a doctor

It seems as though I nearly escaped the germy first grade with minor reprecussions regaring sickness, but at the last moment, I was graced with some horrible head cold. In case you weren't aware, first graders are quite disgusting in terms of germs-sometimes I feel like I can almost see the germs circulating. Germ X has been my best friend and it seems to have worked for the most part. It wouldn't have been quite the proper teacher initiation without me getting this as I am phasing out, right?

The weather has been beautiful here which makes the days much brighter (literally and figuratively), but I yearn to just be out there instead of inside working on my student teaching portfolio (ew).

So, don't tell Jillian, but I skipped one of the days to workout-day 3 if you must know. Honestly, I could hardly even lug myself up the stairs, so I couldn't even fathom the things that may happen should I have tried to work out that day. I did jump back on the wagon yesterday and much to my surprise, felt quite a bit better after. I have since been loyal andam certainly not so severely out of shape. Don't misunderstand, I stillfind the level oneworkout really challenging, but at least I can walk down the stairs afterwards (as opposed to scooting down them like a toddler).

Sadly, I think my computer has bit the dust. This could be considered a tragedy. Go on and cry if you feel the need (I know I do..) I'm not sure what happened, but I have known for awhile that things haven't been right with it. Now, it won't let me access the internet, so it's pretty much useless in my book. Sad, sad day.

Ruby's newest thing is to rock back and forth really quickly or bounce up and down. It's really funny until she smacks you in the mouth in her head. She dances now too which is our nightly entertainment. What can I say--we're cheap and easy to please! Unfortunately, she has also learned how to pinch, and well, that really isn't so funny. Ever. I'm also not sure what she did with my sweet little sleeping baby, but I wish she would return her. I no longer have a sleepy, snuggly baby at bed time. Instead, I have a wiggly, kick-me-in-the-belly, fussy little nightmare that um, doesn't sleep. I think it sounds like I got ripped off in that trade!

We decided to grace the baseball fans with our presence today since the weather was finally nice enough. Sadly, Ruby chose today to have the biggest blowout I have ever seen. I wish I were exaggerating, but the kid had poop up to her ears by the time we got home. Short lived outing.

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