Sunday, April 19, 2009

brutal honesty

she loves her ama...

and her papa!

So, if I'm being completely honest here (and if you know me, you know I am certainly not one to sugarcoat things), I would have to say I am definitely not cut out to be on a hardcore fitness program. After two days of the 30 day shred, I am definitely feeling shredded. And not in the positive way. More in the someone has taken a pair of scissors to every single muscle in my body way. I'm afraid that the simple act of trudging down the stairs would be a comedic routine that would have viewers rolling. It's such a chore.

I have pretty much been glued to the couch for the duration of the day and even thinking about working out again nearly brings me to tears. Okay, that's a little dramatic, but I do cringe at the thought. I know I'll feel better after I work out and I need to keep going to see the results I want, but I don't know that I can get through the workout. It's LEVEL ONE. It might be some ab work tonight instead of the whole workout. I have never in my life been this sore. Not when I participated in volleyball two-a-days, not when I ran miles at a time or did countless sprints in a row for track, not during suicides and weight lifting in high school basketball. Not while carrying a full grown child. Never.

I have a head cold on top of it all which certainly doesn't help any. I just feel exhausted. We didn't get home from my Mom and Dad's until 1:00 last night and we slept in until 11:00. I woke up thinking I had slept for a couple of hours. I feel like I can't catch up!

I have used a bit of my stranded on the couch status to my advantage. I have gotten a few things scratched off of my end of semester to do list. Though, not nearly enough. Anticipating all of the rest of the things I need to get done is mentally exhausting. I'll try not to think of the big pictures this one time.

Jimmy, bless him, spent the entire morning afternoon doing the things I had high hopes of accomplishing this weekend. Our bedroom is almost completely cleaned out and my kitchen has been purged of all dirty dishes as well.

We've recently become quite entertained by the squealing the Ruby does. She communicates with various pitches of these squeals to her stuffed animals and toys (have we discussed the over abundance of stuffed animals that this child has? It's a little ridiculous). Yesterday, she pulled her monkey rattle close to her face and squealed repeatedly at it, as if she was yelling. Not sure what the monkey did, but it didn't sound good on his behalf. Might be in for trouble-only five months and already bossy.

In other news, we survived prom (and got a delicious dinner out of the deal). I did Meredith's hair and makeup and then we stayed for dinner and cards. Ruby essentially stayed up until we left at 12:30 (with a few catnaps here and there).


Kristin said...

Your talk a few days ago of the 30 day shred caught my eye and I pulled it up on You Tube. Both my husband and I have been doing it every morning since Saturday. We're incredibly sore as well. One day 1 we took pictures of ourselves and measurements and posted the ugly fat pictures all over our house for motivation. We're going to do our best to commit to 30 days. I think if we can make it through that we'll have built up enough momentum to keep going with fitness.

We can be motivating buddies if you need the extra push, I know in a few days I'm sure I will too.

Stick with it! Stretch and or do yoga before bed it helps a ton with the sore muscles

Sheila said...

Oh I've been terribly lazy with my fitness routine...I really should get a move on!!

Heidi Boos said...

Hillary, I applaud you for even attempting Jillian's workout! I hope you find the motivation to continue. I know you'll be glad you did it...once all the soreness subsides.

Great pictures you shared. Ruby is so sweet!! Sounds like you've had some exhausting days and I hope that you are able to "catch up" soon.

Thanks for popping by my blog and wishing Mikayla a Happy Birthday! I can't wait to share the rest of the birthday pics!

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