Saturday, April 4, 2009

baby einstein, drug of choice.

I have yet to figure out just what it is about the Baby Einstein videos that seem to intrigue the little ones so. Every kid I have ever been around seem to love them. And while I don't condone hours of television watching for any child, I do like to put it on for a different type of stimulation. It's like some sort of addictive drug or sleeping pill, depending on when it is put on.

For once, I feel really excited to get a lot of things accomplished around the house. And, I guess I should rephrase that. For once, I feel really excited to actually get up and do lots of things around the house. I always love organizing and cleaning, but I usually choose to spend time with Ruby. My house is by no means a disaster, but the obsessive-compulsive side of me is a little uneasy when all things are not in their respective places. The momma part of me decides that some of those things aren't as important anymore. She's not gonna be little and snuggly forever.

On that same note, Ruby has slept in her crib three times now. And now is the part where everyone thinks to themselves, "Wow, only three times? And she's really excited about that?" Again, she isn't going to be little forever, and I love waking up next to her every day. We didn't go into parenthood with plans to sleep with our little monkey, but it turned out that way. From day one (and I do mean day one-as in, the day she was born), she let us know that sleeping by herself wasn't going to be acceptable. I don't want to push her into sleeping by herself because I want her to feel comfortable, but she seems to be transitioning to that phase during naps, albeit slow.

I grew really big during pregnancy. Like, to the point, where I got really strange and often times rude comments on my size. Not to mention, every stranger placing bets on what I would have and making sure there weren't two babies in there. I was quite upset thinking about how I would look afterwards, but to my pleasant surprise, I think I scared myself so bad envisioning the future of my belly, that I don't look so bad. The line traveling all the way down the middle of my belly that I inherited over those nine months (linea nigra) became something gross after I had Ruby. It looked like I had taken a match and burned a line to my belly button. That's been my main concern, because it looked black, and really gross. It wasn't until yesterday that a friend (who also recently had her first baby and grew as big as I did) told me that one day she discovered she could pick her's off! Lo and behold, mine came off too. It was such a distraction to me, that I'm entirely too excited that it came off!

It's the small things these days.

Now, if I could only find a way to pick off the extra twenty pounds..


LaVonne said...

Well my Princess was never interested in tv or movies. Only lately (within the last month) has she been into Sesame Street. This week she lounged on her mini couch and watched it for ten minutes! (Her record.) It was so cute. And yes she is 15 months and still sleeping with us! Not always fun, I will admit but she is a very happy child and independent. So I am not too worried. But I think if we have a second child I will have to get that child in a crib. Soon, I will need to transition this one into a toddler bed. That won't be fun!

Sheila said...

You know, I got the same way with my first child. I was HUGE! And people asked me "Are you sure you're not having twins??" Nope! I just ended up with a 9lb baby!!
I can totally understand cherishing those "snuggling" times! In no time she'll be too busy being a toddler to snuggle!
I miss those days!

Shanthy said...

Beautiful background and a wonderful post

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