Saturday, April 11, 2009

all the little things

I gave my blog a much-needed makeover today. Talk about getting important things done! In my defense, I have wanted to change things up for quite awhile now, but wouldn't allow myself to forego more important things. I have all of my things that I needed to do for this weekend (except the laundry and the detailed house cleaning. I never said I was June Cleaver!)

My computer seems to be acting sickly. I sincerely hope it is not a virus, but it's doing awfully strange things. I did have my Twitter account hacked today, which lowered my overall confidence in mankind a little bit more. Who spends their life trying to ruin others? I will never understand that. I wondered when some strange person started following me but didn't think about again until strange updates were spewing on behalf of my username and I hadn't been on all day. Whoever it was (gangsterboy, real gangsters don't hack Twitter. You're lame-o. Or something.), their account has been removed. Not a schooled hacker, I suppose or else they would have been a little more inconspicuous.

I did have a moment (or five) of weakness today when we decided to indulge in some delectable chocolaty cheesecake. See, I don't want it to become freezer burnt and go to waste. That wouldn't make much economical sense, now would it?
Chocolate crust+chocolate mousse+white chocolate+chocolate ganache+chocolate chips=heavenmore fat on my hips.

We dyed Easter eggs tonight, which Jimmy admitted brought out the kid in him. Actually, I don't know why we don't dye eggs all year around-I'm sure everyone would agree that brightly-colored eggs are far more appealing that the white ones. It's quite evident what the center of our world is. There are three eggs (out of 12) that have Ruby's name on them.

Ruby has had quite the interest in cups for the last couple of weeks. Jimmy has a few brightly-colored mugs that she is absolutely fascinated with-we have our fun with that, moving the mug back and forth and watching her track it. Finally, I have let her have a few drinks out of her own (brightly-colored) cup and she loves it. She does spill a lot but she manages to get a bit too. It's just water. It's the little things that count, right?


Hillary (Mrs. Einstein) said...

Love the makeover!

leanne said...

Hi friend. I love the new look of your blog (I did happen to catch it earlier this weekend before you changed it:) Happy Easter.

The Nowaks said...

Loooooove the new layout :)

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