Monday, March 2, 2009

Tales of Lip

she was thrilled that I put off her bedtime eating routine in order to take pictures!

Ruby has discovered the fun that is sucking in her bottom lip-it's hysterical. Makes me think of a little old lady with no teeth trying to eat a meal. Not that I have a lot of exposure to this, but if I did, I imagine it would look a lot the same.

Speaking of the princess herself, she got some more clothes today. Two shopping bags full to be exact. They're currently dancing through the drier, then I'm going to sort through them. Ruby has enough clothing to last (provided she didn't grow in this time) for three months, never wearing anything more than once.
Ruby has a little cold. I'm hoping it stays in the little category, because so far, she doesn't seem too miserable. Her nose is a little stuffy and I'm thinking she has a sore throat-she makes a strange little cough and I think that's her way of handling it. Fingers crossed that this is just a teeny tiny cold!

I have found myself reliving these very days in early March just a year ago. I definitely thought I was pregnant, but hadn't yet confirmed it-what an overwhelming anxiety and excitement we were just filled with as we thought about the unknowns of the future. Losing a baby prior to my pregnancy with Ruby really changed the dynamics of carrying a child. It wasn't that I was ungrateful or that I took things for granted, but it just made me realize the best things in life can be taken away in an instant. I value every second I spend with Ruby-what a miracle she is!

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Wayne said...

ruby is so cute and I love the pictures. Thankyou so much for visiting my blogger page and leaving your comment.

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