Sunday, March 22, 2009

snot what you think!

You thought I was kidding about the snot bubbles, didn't you?


Now that I have you all grossed out and questioning the type of mother I am, taking pictures of snot bubbles, we'll move right along.

Baby girl is still sniffly and coughing, but we're getting better, I think. Her poor little nose is so red and her face is blotchy from all of the drainage, but she seems to feel better today and we haven't needed the Tylenol. Good thing because last night, I got really close to taking her somewhere (nervous mom thing). Her sensitive gag reflex magnifies things as well, making her coughs sound just awful.

Unfortunately for me, sick baby=extremely lazy, boring times on the couch getting absolutely nothing accomplished (well, unless you count visiting mindless websites and blogging). That's okay, though, I'm glad I can be home with her this week while we're on spring break, because I think I'd have a rough time focusing on kids at school with her being at home miserable.

I got to talk to Melissa this afternoon which was nice. I haven't called for fear of waking them up, so it was really great to talk to her. And to hear those sweet new baby squeaks! It's amazing how quickly those squeaks turn into coos and babbles!

I made more bows this morning. It's an addiction, I'm telling you. A girl needs her accessories, you know?

a semi-snotless picture for good measure.


LaVonne said...

Okay, this is funny and gross. That is so sad, I hate when my Princess is sick. I hope she feels better soon.

Deb said...

AWW! Poor bunny, hope she is blowing happy spit bubbles soon ;O)
Just passing threw the UBP '09, glad I stopped by. It's so nice to meet so many new people. Enjoy the rest of your week ;O)

Heidi Boos said...

I can't believe you actually captured this moment! You must have had your camera pretty handy. ;) And...I love the bow!

We went through quite the sickness here at our house, too. It's no fun! Hope that your little one is back to herself very soon!

You had asked a question on my blog about if I had made the Valentine mailboxes, and I did! It was such a fun project! I found them at Target in the dollar section and then spruced them up for each of us in our family. Here is the post if you want to take a peek:

Hillary (Mrs. Einstein) said...

That is quite an impressive snot bubble! Gross, but impressive.

Anonymous said...

She is adorable, snot bubble and all!

Beth said...

Poor thing. At least she's a cutie with her bow! I'm so glad that I haven't gone through the sickies with my son...yet...Hope she's up to par soon!

momstheword said...

This is a funny picture. But she looks so sweet and beautiful! Poor baby, hope she feels better soon.

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