Thursday, March 5, 2009

Snoop Baby

Lets just say it was a wonderful idea to wear a cute little jacket over my normal shirt today, because brilliant me wasn't thinking straight this morning. Ruby didn't nurse overnight and so I was completely out of whack (if ya know what I mean) for the rest of the day. I knew I was in for major trouble when I felt extra full in the upper torso region at 2:00. Good thing I can just run home when school's out. Well, I didn't run, because that would have been...well, ugly..and dangerous. I mean, I nearly got shin splints last weekend from simply walking my baby around the block.

I felt like I had been drinking all night when I stumbled out of bed this morning complete disoriented...forty minutes late. I was waiting for the morning when I would oversleep-fortunately it was not really late, and I was still able to get to school within three or four minutes of when I should be...disheveled, curly hair and all. It could have been worse-there could have been sleep imprints still on my face.
Could someone please tell me why someone who hasn't seen me in several months feels the need to look at my belly as they greet me? I mean, please, you could just ASK how I'm doing with losing the baby weight. For pete's sake, at least be more discreet about it.

Ruby got a new pair of leggings this week-quite possibly one of my favorite baby accesories. Sadly, the leggings aren't baggy anymore as they were when we got her first pair. We no longer really call her Bird Legs either. It's more like thunder thighs.

The following is a lesson on how to get anything you want..

Look at Papa with those gorgeous eyes. Maybe coo a bit and make a cute facial expression (bonus points for a smile or a giggle).

If all else fails, just cry. And stick out that bottom lip as far as you can.

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Anonymous said...

oh man..she looks a lot like you in this picture!

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