Thursday, March 19, 2009

Smoke Bomb.

Spring Break, how I love thee. Too bad it's no tropical vacation and although I nearly admitted myself to the looney bin over the week, I have made it. If I wasn't too proud and worried about judgement in our small community, I would have sprinted to my car when the bell rang, bowling people over as I went. But, I do have a little pride. And that would have been...well, scary. I have come home and been in a drunk, delirious state every day this week. And no, there wasn't any alcohol involved-I'm just that exhausted. Last night I stumbled across the most random website that had me in fits of giggles. Ordinarily, it probably wouldn't have been that funny but being that I was at that stage past tired, it was like I had been given some giggle pills..or something like that.

Today, I walked into the teacher's lounge only to find the microwave lost its life over a measley bag of popcorn. Fortunately, it wasn't me, but I did walk in there to get a drink and nearly choked to death on the smoke so I left. Now I'm carrying around a cloud of disgusting-smelling smoke-after being in there for five seconds, tops! Thankfully this didn't happen this morning because I'm feeling a bit nauseous. Funnily enough, when I went to get the kids from recess, one of them walked in and said, "It smells like smoke. Is that our snack?!" Now, the snacks are certainly nothing spectacular, but they aren't that bad. Apparently they have lost all faith in the snacks now, if they believe we have lit them on fire prior to serving.

I'm off to do some serious spring-breaking...whatever that means.

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