Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sick with the Ick

Ruby has been struck with what I fear is that nasty cough that I am surrounded by at all times on days Monday through Thursday. And the one that Jimmy has had for two whole weeks now. It sounds loose, so it's just a matter of her getting it out..

Heaven forbid I should need to schedule her a doctor's appointment because it seems to me that this receptionist staff strives for what seems like traditional receptionist repertoire. It almost seems like a goal for receptionists that I have dealt with (and disclaimer: they aren't all this way, but 99% of them are) to act as incompetent and put-out as they possibly can. Isn't it your job to accommodate your patients to the best of your ability? Remember them scheduling her two month appointment on March 13 (in case you aren't great with math, that put her at more than four months old)?

After we got done with the doctor last Friday, I was a little surprised when I went to schedule her next appointment only to discover the that Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum the two receptionists had already scheduled it. On a Thursday morning at 8:45 no less. We told them that Fridays are the only day that will work so they moved it to the following Friday. Imagine my surprise when I played the messages on our phone yesterday and discovered that that day won't work afterall and "we have rescheduled your appointment for the next Thursday at 8:45. Call us if this time or date doesn't work for you!" To prevent myself from spontaneously combusting, I made Jimmy call them. And surprise surprise, a Friday was still available. So why couldn't they just wait and see what worked for us? And why oh why do they not know when the doctor will be gone AHEAD of time, as they are scheduling patients? Doesn't make sense to me.

I have eight hours of school (and probably eight hours of rowdiness) standing between me and Spring Break. I have vowed not to spend the entire time working on school stuff-I need to find a balance so that I feel accomplished yet restored when it's all said and done.

March Madness begins tomorrow! I think Jimmy was a little stunned to come home and find me browsing Bracketology but the truth is, I have always had a special little place in my heart for the NCAA tournament-I love keeping track of the scores on my bracket. I picked a long shot this year, so we'll see how well that goes. I'm a risk-taker, what can I say?

[the kiddo has managed to spin herself around a complete 180 degrees on the blanket she's on]

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Mr. and Mrs. Valenciano said...

Yuck. I hope she gets better. That doesn't seem like fun at all.

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