Saturday, March 21, 2009

Procrastination-1, Productivity-0

Does anyone remember that movie Little Giants about the football team-of which most of the members had some strange quirk about them? I especially remember that poor little boy that apparently had a snot problem because he had the capability to blow these horrific snot bubbles all the time. Ruby has that going on, only the snot bubbles are about 100 times bigger than that boy's were. Bless her heart-she has so much junk trying to make its way out and her poor little face is so red and irritated. She seems slightly better after running the humidifier all night, but it's so heartbreaking to see your baby like that and essentially have nothing you can do for her. She still is as cute as can be, though-poor little thing. I hope this cough goes away soon. The runny nose and watery eyes I can deal with (better than her, because she screams when she sees me with the snot rag) but the cough is awful.

Good news is, she isn't dehydrated-she is soothed by eating (momma's child, ha!) and has eaten more in the last three days than she normally does. Bad news is, my boobs appear to be confused and can't seem to tell the difference, and so just to be safe, they spew milk at any given moment. So far, that has yet to happen in public, thankfully, because can you imagine trying to explain such a situation to a stranger awkwardly staring at the massive wet spot on your boob?

Yeah, me either.

So far I have gotten ZERO things accomplished on my spring break. Actually I have gotten a few things done-I have made bows, eaten entirely too much, made more dirty laundry for me to do, and messed up the house a little more. Good thing I still have 8 more days of it (is that all?!) to get some productive things done.


LaVonne said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am following your blog now too. This post is so funny, because I remember all to well the leaky breast milk. My husband would always say, why didn't you wear your pads? I always forgot! So I would have to walk around with large wet spots on my boobs too! Embarrasing. So have you had the chance to visit Whidbey Island? I honestly miss it.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx said...

Ahhh, the cuteness! That bow is freakin' adorable.

You've got plenty of time to get that laundry done! :)

But I totally wouldn't blame you if you spent the whole time eating her cheeks....

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful posting......and such a adorable baby.
Hope your weekend was beautiful.

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