Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Obsessive Compulsive.

I'm just gonna go ahead and pretend that I did not rush home on my lunch to feed the baby and watch the last hour of the taped The Bachelor from last night. Little did I know, I shut it off right before the most intense moments of the finale! Yahoo! spoiled that little surprise this morning when I went to search for something.

I couldn't resist purchasing a darling magnet board for my home from Steel Dreaming Designs tonight. I have so many random things on my wishlist, but I thought this was a must have, and I'll probably be buying these as gifts in the near future. What a creative and fun little piece of decoration!

I would like to know the underlying reason of my students acting as if they have consumed 12 pounds of sugar before coming to school. Good golly, I am always on my toes, but these last two days have just left me feeling completely exhausted. I'm blaming the weather for now, and am trying to find some incentives to keep them distracted in the meantime. The worst part is, it's only going to get worse-what with spring break to look forward to and then the end of school after that.

Good news is, my motivation has decided to come back and join me. I have gotten quite a bit accomplished this week. And if you were wondering, my house cleaning motivation seems to still be AWOL. Actually, no, it's my energy that is missing. My goal for this weekend includes purging and purging some more. And no, not the purging of th bulemic sort-the run through your house and get rid of all the junk and unused items sort of purge. I'll be making a huge donation to Goodwill come the end of this month. Is it weird that I'm totally excited about cleaning and organizing?

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Trinity said...

Not a problem at all! Which blog are you lurking on?

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