Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Night In.

Ruby and I are having a girl's night in tonight. Jimmy is away at a school function and Ruby doesn't feel the greatest. I think a cozy night in is just what we both need, so it works out great. She just isn't herself and it makes me want to cry seeing her uncomfortable. The worst part is, I think it's a tummy issue on top of a stuffy nose. She just wants to snuggle and nurse-fine by me. These are my favorite moments. Doesn't allow for getting much accomplished but that's okay-tomorrow Jimmy will have to take over the baby snuggles for awhile so that I can get some things accomplished.

I'm such a nostalgic person-I always have been. I can think of a specific time in my life and remember smells and other things from that time (and I can smell something familiar and many memories come rushing back, too). I have spent my time with Ruby today reading through some old pregnancy journal entries and looking at pictures. It's so strange (and this sounds so silly), but it's almost like I can't comprehend that that thing the size of an acorn that I chased around with the doppler was RUBY. I knew it as a baby and often called it "it" (hey, I didn't know if it was a boy or girl, and lets face it, adding in "he or she" gets old after awhile). I am fascinated to know that Ruby started out as something so unbelievably small and she has just blossomed into this giggling, beautiful little human.

[I question whether I will ever be able to stop reminiscing about my pregnancy and delivery-I think about both multiple times each day. What a wonderful time in our lives!]

I did get one thing done today-I decided I am going to start making Roo some pretty hair accessories! I tried one out today using the same ribbon that I took a picture of around my belly, so it's special. I need to get a headband to clip it onto, because although her hair has grown, my poor baby still resembles a balding 70 year-old man when it comes to the amount of hair and her hairline. We'll get there.

We'll be staying at Tahiti Village this summer-it looks so nice! I'm really excited for our little getaway-it should be lots of fun!

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