Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Chicken Little

Apparently St. Patrick's Day translates to dress up in green, act insane and try and make those around you go completely nuts, otherwise you FAIL.

And as far as I'm concerned, it should have been me that acted like I consumed a metric ton of sugar because I ate two chocolate-frosted donuts.

I knew the day was going to be hard when I go out and get the kids this morning, and one has neon green hair, sparkly green sunglasses, a flashing shamrock necklace, and an obnoxious green outfit. Hard was the understatement of the year. I was surrounded by complete hooligans for all of today.

Two more days until Spring Break. It's during this time that I anticipate feeding my newest addiction. I have made many hair bows for Ruby and I fear for my sanity because I'm constantly thinking of new ideas in regards to this. I sure hope she appreciates shoes and the other necessary accessories like her momma! And if she doesn't, I will for her until she's old enough to protest.

Speaking of accessories, it's been a tradition for my mom to purchase new babies precious shoes with their name and date of birth scripted in gold on the bottom of them. Ruby got her's at Christmas, but I was worried I would wait until she can fit her chubby little feet into them only to find out at a later date that I had waited to long and they would no longer fit. So although they are still big, I stuck them on her last night and took a few pictures.

Her hair is growing-noticeably so. By no means, does she have an over abundance, but it's so much more than it was even just a month ago. I put lotion on her head tonight and made her a cute little mohawk, leaving her to resemble a [very cute little] chicken.

My little chicken appears to be getting teeth. Though take this assumption of mine with a grain of salt (and a dose of lime juice with a shot of tequila if that's how you roll ;) ) because I have wondered this for a month or so and so far she's still gummin' it.. Her doctor confirmed my suspicions, though, because she thought her gums looked swollen. Little stinker won't let me get in there to see anything, so I guess we'll all be surprised when she has a pearly white toofie one day.

She's changing by the day-I know I say that all the time. She's squealing and chattering with what seems like a purpose these days-she can change the tone, she's scooting because she wiggles so much, she laughs, and she is starting to interact with toys (grabbing them and bringing them to her mouth)

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sarah said...

dang you are the best mom!!...seriously!

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