Monday, March 30, 2009

chaos ensues.

First day back from Spring Break. I anticipated it being a little chaotic and so I suppose I shouldn't be surprised at any of the following:

-one of my kiddos being punched square in the nose at recess (for no fault of his own)
-one child reporting to me that a boy had pooped on the bathroom floor (ew ew ew)
-(this was overheard) one girl telling another girl that some boy (bionic teacher ears of mine didn't catch boy's name) looooooooooved her and was gonna touch her boooooooob. I wish I were joking.
-one girl making up an elaborate story on her trip to Puerto Rico over break (which never happened, as I later found out)
-and one boy telling me that he discovered he could jump four miles at the sand dunes.

On a positive and extremely exciting note, I have fifteen (count them) FIFTEEN days of school left until I am D-O-N-E. Don't misunderstand, I have loads of work to accomplish before then, but admittedly, I'm afraid I have a little case of senioritis.

We enjoyed my break and this weekend immensely. I only had one case in time where I could feel my blood pressure rising slightly as an oblivious someone coughed into my child's face and exclaimed that she was making him cough as he giggled. I refrained from placing my hands on his neck and screaming, "You coughing in my child's face is making me want to strangle you!!"

I will never ever understand the people that do things like that. And for the love of Pete, do not stick your dirty little fingers on her hands that end up in her MOUTH. I love to think about the repercussions of me cooing like a lunatic in the face of a perfect stranger. Someday, I may just get brave enough to do that after Ruby's personal bubble has been more than invaded.


Anonymous said...

Punched in the nose? Bummer.


Twitter: AboutParenting

Sheila said...

Oh my word!! Crazy, the things kids say!!
That's terrible about the person coughing in Ruby's face!!!! I can totally understand how that would aggravate you!

PS. Thanks again for your help with my blog buttons! You rock!


Heidi Boos said...

OK, so I'm going to guess you are a teacher? What grade? And why do you only have 15 days left of school? Fill me in! I'm new in getting to know you, you know? :) I am a former teacher, so inquiring minds want to know!

And, yes, you can order SU from me, of course! I'm so new at this that I'm wondering if all the products come to me first? How long were you an SU demonstrator. If you have time, I'd love some input!

Stephanie Hargis said...

Punched in the nose. Hmmm...glad I was gone that day. Angry little boy!

My poor sub.


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