Sunday, February 1, 2009

Twelve-Hour Getaway

Our big date night day turned into a twelve hour adventure. It was nothing special, but it was so nice getting away and doing whatever we felt like. And the fact that we scored some great deals helps too! Among the great deals were a pair of brown shoes (much needed!) for nine dollars, four entire outfits for Roo's summer wardrobe for about $35, and some things from Bath and Body Works for $3 (originally $10.50). At Bath and Body Works, I splurged for some high end hair stuff. I can never justify buying the Fekkai stuff because it's quite pricey, but because I had a giftbard, I decided I should get it. I also got some much-needed dress clothes and at the same time, reaffirmed my goal to lose weight. In one place, I went in with nine things and came out with ONE that I was semi-pleased with. I nearly cried as I came out of the fitting rooms.

Such is life, I suppose-my body will never be quite the same. It was well worth it, but I still need to focus on getting some serious exercising in.

We also visited the Asian Pacific market and picked up some of our very favorite Japanese treats. We also made a point to pick up the things we need to make sushi-this way we can have our date night at home sometime soon.

I'm not quite sure how we spent twelve hours (not making it to a movie), but we did get a lot of things done, so I suppose it doesn't matter. I hardly even noticed Ruby was there for most of the day. She's such a go with the flow baby. Very easy-I fear that our next child will be quite spirited and demanding; Ruby has used up all of the good baby behavior genes, I'm afraid.

We had a nice lunch date at Old Chicago's-one of our very favorites. Our waiter had a bit of a hard time focusing, giving us the folder without our bill in it, and then mixing up the credit cards with a neighboring party's.

I had some woman make my head a tad better than it already was. As we were checking out from Sam's Club, I was talking to Ruby (who was sitting quietly in her seat, in the cart) and this lady interupted my silly faces to tell me that I had the most beautiful baby she had ever seen. She questioned the frequency of people telling me this, and said she just knew that we must hear that everywhere we go because our baby is absolutely gorgeous. I refrained from telling her a simple, "I know," and instead, just smiled and told her thanks.

On our way out, we stopped at a great for the diet place-Panda Express, then went to Blockbuster and Starbucks.

Day out=success, I'd say.

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