Tuesday, February 10, 2009

sNOw more!

My baby is three whole months old today. To celebrate, mother nature has dumped entirely too many snowflakes on our yard. We'll also be going all out birthday-style by clipping fingernails and toenails that are so sharp, you'd swear they are thumb tacks, taking a warm bath, and of course pigging out (her, not me of course!)

I'm voting for a snow day tomorrow, in case anyone was keeping track of such thoughts. Soup, movies, and warm baby snuggles sound much better than tracking through inches of slush and teaching a bunch of snotty, coughing children. Just sayin'. And it wouldn't hurt to skip just one day of recess duty-I mean, of course I get stuck with the coldest, snowiest day of the year.

Last night, I spent time reading about sweet baby Cora and cried and cried. I don't understand so many of the whys in this world, and I absolutely could not imagine myself in that position. I'd like to think I'd handle a traumatic situation such as that with such poise and grace, but I know myself, and think my faith would be tested as I made such a difficult journey. I would hope to hold my God above all things, but I think I would be angry and hurt and lose sight of all things important. Losing a ten month old child to cancer is just unfathomable.

We had a staff meeting before school today. One adventurous (and apparently morning person) mother brought in breakfast treats for us to indulge in. The Valentine-themed breakfast looked like something straight out of a magazine, complete with fresh yogurt and several types of granola and fresh fruit, homemade scones with butter and jam, sticky buns, various kinds of muffins, and apple juice or coffee to wash it all down. Starbucks coffee, if you were wondering but don't be fooled. We are not fortunate enough to have our own Heaven in a Mug up here in our tiny town; that stuff traveled from more than an hour away. This woman not only prepared all of this wonderful food, but decorated the table with homemade valentines (decorated by her children), candles resting atop red hot candies in votives, and a table runner. Word is still out on the grades of this mother's children.

Wanna know the damage from my grand ol' hospital stay exactly three months ago? Eleven Thousand Dollars. Our grand total? $700. Thank goodness for insurance.

Oh the menu for tonight: white cheddar potato soup, cheesy garlic bread, and salad. Diet? What diet?

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