Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Little Weed

It's always something, isn't it?! This morning, I went to snuggle my baby a little tighter (admittedly, after I hit snooze and definitely should have been out of bed) and noticed that she was soaked. And all the way up to her neck, she was soaked. So I awkwardly carried her downstairs for a wardrobe change and she had poop up to her NECK. At least it wasn't vomit. I don't do vomit, remember?! The kid is doing her best to see that I'm late to school every day.

So, another bath it will be for the monster. Which, I shall have you know, she is becoming an all-star bather. She has never been a huge fan, and I truly believe Jimmy and I could have set some sort of world record-possibly for cleanest baby in shortest amount of time? We had the routine down pat. She still doesn't love the whole getting out routine-I think because it's cold. I can't say I'm a fan of getting out either, so who can blame her?

Six more days and my baby will be three months old, officially no longer a newborn. Someone must have hit fast forward through that stage. I have got to find the s l o w m o t i o n button for the next three months. And since we're on the topic of buttons, I have evidence that seals the deal-she really is her daddy's child. Well, not that there was a question, but she showcases more and more of him each day. Today, Ama watched her and told me that she was playing with the remote and really loved the feeling of the buttons. When she took it away to put it on the table, Ruby screamed. Sounds like something Jimmy would do. She has really grown up a lot in the last few weeks-giggling, finding fingers, interacting with people and toys, tracking noises and objects. Slow down kid-you have the rest of your life to grow!

I don't even want to discuss the number of outfits I had to put away last night as I reorganized her room-all of which no longer fit her growing little body. She's now officially two feet long and 12 pounds heavy.

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