Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Heaping Plate

The saddest thing about all of the squeal-inducing, frilly, pink baby girl clothes is that most of them are only worn for such a short time. I have already weeded through her newborn outfits and placed them aside for storage.

Would you believe me if I told you that's only half of her closet?! And she has three dresser drawers full, as well as two baskets on her shelf, a crib full of clothes and a pile of dirty laundry. I think I there's a slight chance I might have a problem. In my defense, most of the clothes were gifts to us and there are a few random hand-me-downs, but the kid will never run out of clean clothes. Or..lets hope not anways; I know I have that laundrophobia thing going on.

I want you to meet my new husband:

I have my nose buried in my lesson plans entirely too much, and there's a great possibility that I'm more intimate with it too. And not quite the relationship I have with my breastpump. Erm, that didn't sound right. You catch my drift (and um, no, I am not drunk).

And as if I weren't overloaded with a surplus of to-do lists, I decided to add just one more thing to my plate.

Seemed only fair since Ruby has her own homemade stocking, and up until now ours have been of the store-bought variety. Lame. However, I decided to take a look at the instructions, and I feel like they must be in a foreign language. If those things turn out looking even remotely like a stocking, I will sing praises. Perhaps the store-bought ones will linger in our future.

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