Thursday, February 19, 2009

Jump Startin' the Weekend.

I feel like I just completed a marathon. In case you were wondering, I did not. That would take being in shape and motivation-something I'm apparently lacking. I can't even get motivated enough to stop eating cookies and brownies; who am I kidding about running a marathon?!

Really, though, I am insanely tired. I promise myself every morning as I struggle to stop hitting that darned snooze button that I will go to bed early that night. Once again, I am not fooling anyone. We're lucky to be in bed before 11:00. Combine that with long school days, a baby who boycots sleep, and a rowdy group of kids, and I'm toast!

And tomorrow will have to be my catch up cleaning day. I have a list of about thirty things that need to be done. I'm ashamed that I have thank yous that need to be sent out. In my defense, several of them are for things we have just received in recent weeks.

Ruby has started watching TV lately which is hysterical to me (once again, no question that she is her daddy's child!) Much to my dismay, she seems to be a Sports Center fan. Like we need another one of those in the house, right?

I have recently discovered the obsession that is Twitter. It's a little like crack. Not that I would know. I'm nosy; this allows me to keep great tabs on people. Plus, there's always room for another time wasting mechanism on the internet, right?

Oh, how I adore baby leggings.

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The Nowaks said...

Twitter is fabulous! My mom has something crazy like 500+ followers & I have a mere 15-something.

Oh, jeez! Another Sports Center fan! We tend to produce Fox News fans in our house :)

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