Sunday, February 1, 2009

Food Bowl Sunday

Superbowl Sunday is such a big deal to the football buffs, but for most, it seems like it's a really good excuse to get together and eat and drink too much while watching the big game. Of course, that's just what we did. I could really careless about the Steelers and Cardinals match up-I'm in it all for the food. For me, it's more like a celebration that widow football season is over. Certainly, I'm all for a good game of football, but having a husband who has a slight obsession becomes a tad annoying. I mean the tunnel-vision, selective-hearing part of it.

Did I mention the selective hearing and tunnel vision when footbball is on syndrome?!

Ruby apparently feels much the same about football, because she did a whole lotta this for the duration of the festitivies:

When she wasn't busy catching up on her beauty sleep (pfft, like she needs any of that!) she was charming everybody.

Or learning about the location of her toes.

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