Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dear Ruby

Monkey Moo,

Hi Baby-I cannot get over the fact that you are now three months old! I have a feeling I'll be saying that with each passing month-it's going too fast for my taste. You're 92 days old now-almost in the three-digit range. I have a hard time fathoming that you were that same little person making those teeny tiny taps inside of my belly when I was just fifteen weeks pregnant. As if to tell me that you were in there and thriving.

Thriving you are! Your little baby giggles are hysterical, and they sound more and more like a little human laugh each day. The silliest things make you giggle-mainly someone telling you that you stink! Making strange noises usually get you too. Once you get going, I get going, and then we have a hard time stopping.

We still say our good nights and love yous to you in the middle of our bed. That's where we all like it best (but I think Daddy would like a little more room!) I think you would do okay in your own bed, but I know you wouldn't sleep as soundly and I wouldn't either. I'm the one that doesn't want you to move out of bed-I just love waking up next to you every morning. Though, I have to tell you-you certainly are not a morning person! Any time I wake up before you (and thus, waking you) you are not happy. And you aren't shy about letting people know when you aren't happy. Unfortunately, I think you definitely got mommy's [lack of] patience.

You are starting to become quite interested in the things around you. Generally, you aren't a fan of being held in a cradling position-you would much rather be able to see your surroundings. You can track sounds and objects great now, and usually if I call to you, you'll look at me. You can see things from much further distances that you could just a couple of months ago. You would rather be propped up than be laid flat, but you aren't a fan of the tummy time routine. You reach for things and seem interested in your toys now too, so soon we'll have lots of things to entertain you with (you know, instead of swinging you side to side while holding you on your belly and making shushing noises). You also know how to make your bouncer bounce and you will kick your legs to get going. You also kick your legs and flail your arms when something gets you excited-it's so fun to see your little personality emerging. You think it's hysterical for someone to imitate you, be it with your actions or your noises-you'll just stop and giggle.

You definitely have the most sensitive gag reflex of anyone I know. Before meeting you, I would have given myself that title, but not anymore. We have accidentally gagged you on multiple occasions with your pacifier since day one. However, in the last two weeks you have actually puked from gagging on that silly thing!

I had to weed out some outgrown clothes the other day and nearly collapsed into tears doing so. I can't believe you're already 12 pounds and 24 inches long! However, you have an abundance of clothing (and most in some shade of pink or purple), so not to worry-you won't have to go naked! Your closet is stuffed and so is your dresser. It's fun to look forward to all of the cute things you will grow into, but a little depressing to cast the teeny tiny items off to the side.

I never thought that I would want such a snuggly, touchy-feely baby but I have one and I can't imagine it being any different. Sometimes we have to get creative to please you and be able to do other things, but we make it work. You love to be worn in the baby carrier, so we do that a lot-that makes cleaning the house a lot easier but a lot of exercise!

We love you more than you will ever know. I'm gonna miss the snuggly times, that sweet baby breath, the smell of your fuzzy baby head, and the softness of your new skin, but I look forward to all things to come.

I love you, baby girl!



Anonymous said...

aww that was sweet :) you're such a good mommy!

Anonymous said...

ok ...I though when you told me about this at first it was a little silly, but actually it is really really cute!...She is going to LOVE this if you keep it up!!p.s. All of these stories make me lol! I love it!

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