Saturday, February 28, 2009

the boogie man

[I purchased this outfit when I was 14 weeks pregnant. It's boy-ish, but it's so adorable]

I was absolutely certain that I would be brutally murdered in my sleep last night. I kept expecting to wake up and see a giant man standing at the foot of the bed.

This would be why I am 100%, certifiably neurotic, especially when I am forced to stay alone at my house. My name is Hillary, and I am definitely scared of the dark. And okay, in my defense, something that had been previously decorating my kitchen windowsill was broken in two, and laying in dirty dishwater (ew.)

So either the burglar in the cellar decided he wasn't up to fighting the likes of me (ha!) or he wasn't even there. Likely the latter, obviously, but that is the worst I have slept in a long time. Well okay, the worst I have slept since I was pregnant three and a half months ago. I was freezing in the middle of the night, but was too scared to get up and look for a sweatshirt. And there's only so much a little body like Ruby's can do.

In case you were worried about me, I will definitely not be staying by myself tonight. Can't give the boogie man two chances, ya know.

Lesson plans for the week are D.O.N.E. I have some other random things I could be doing, and Sunday will be used to plan my future unit, but I feel good about that.

Ruby has started discovering that her hands are good for more than sucking. She does the old now you see it, now you don't routine, where she looks like she's preparing to do some karate moves. She straigtens her fingers and then slowly moves both hands in and our of her vision. It's pretty funny.

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