Sunday, January 11, 2009

Times Like These

There's nothing I love more these days than watching my baby drift off to sleep, her eyes blinking repeatedly, her eyes closing ever so slightly as she loses the battle and drifts off to sleep. All while inhaling her sweet baby scent. Okay, well I do love quite a few other things too, especially her baby smiles and conversations. And lets not forget I do love my husband and my dogs.

Something I do not love, however, is the current state of my house. Somehow, the maid must have gotten lost because I arrived home this afternoon to find my house looking the same as it did when I left it. Some day, I swear, I will clean this house from top to bottom and have this place organized to please the obsessive compulsive side of me only to have it become trashed again, I'm sure.

I was also slightly horrified to find that an outfit I proclaimed to be huge just a month and a half ago now fits my baby quite well. I'm moments away from strapping a metric ton of bricks to her head to prevent her from growing anymore. I cannot believe how quickly she is growing and changing. Tonight, the little monster watched my salami (umm, yes I'm quite the health nut, eating a dinner of pringles, salami, and chocolate peanut butter cups) all the way from my plate to my mouth. When I noticed she did this, I played with her as if she were a cat; easy to amuse.

I have placed something on the back burner for months now. I'm happy to announce that not only did this move to the front burner, it has jumped completely off of the stove. I have finally backed up all of my pictures. I kept remembering the importance of this at the most inopportune times..until tonight. I can stop fretting about the chances of my touchy computer swallowing all of my memories whole. Now, I only have about 2 million to be printed and organized, scrapbooked, or otherwise placed into neat little albums. A daunting task for sure.

For now, I'm off to bed at granny hour-I'm tired, and I have to be early to deal with my 6 and 7 year old rascals. Need serious energy for that business, lemme tell ya.

This sweater dress received so many compliments, and always followed up with, "Did you make it?" All seemed a little let down when I replied that it was just a gift. Perhaps, I should start lying and say that yes, indeed I sat down and made that dress in all of my spare time. After all, I am supermom, don't ya know?

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