Friday, January 9, 2009

Snow Down!

Holy snowstorm, batman!

Stupid me made the trek to campus under the falling snow, figuring how bad can 2-3 inches be? Pfft, two to three inches my ass. I made it there with minimal incidents (a few little slips here and there), and was sitting in some goofy part of capstone class when I was warned that the weather up near home was bad. I'm fortunate to have an understanding group of professors-they encouraged me to leave then (early) if I thought I'd be okay. One even offered for me to stay at his house if need be. Thankfully I didn't have to resort to that; while it's a nice offer, I think it would have been a tad awkward. Add in the fact that I have dated his brother in the past would have been a little odd to have a slumber party.

I'm not real sure how I made it home. The fact that I have been forced to commute entirely too much in the last two years apparently has its benefits-I have the roads practically memorized, which acted as my saving grace on the way home. By far the worst conditions I have ever driven in. And to think I left campus contemplating driving back tomorrow at six in the morning. Absolutely won't be doing that. The only way I was able to make it home was to follow the track of someone's car that I met head on and nearly peed my pants while doing so. Thank you, guardian angel.

For now, maybe I'll be able to get my house cleaned. I'd really like to have a little house party (okay, you caught me..and a little wine!) in the near future but I wouldn't be caught dead having anyone see my house this way. I'd also like to do some baking as that sort of fell by the wayside this past fall when I normally do the majority of it. I need to get some lesson plans done, organize about 2000 things in my house and do some bookkeeping for the office. So many FUN things on my to do list I can hardly contain myself!

[Trader Joe's has delicious mini milk chocolate peanut butter cups. These things are like heaven on earth...and definitely no help for that stomach implant problem mentioned earlier. And to think I never liked peanut butter prior to the wackiness of hormone overloads they call pregnancy...]

Good news is, I think Roo is completely over her icky cold. She slept until 6 this morning without so much as a peep from her. She's currently taking a little cat nap in her swing-I'll scoop her up and go in a minute. I'm so ready to just lay down and relax.

May have had a relapse with the high blood pressure today-yikes!

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