Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Sleeping Dilemma

So, my child loudly announced to me shortly after she was born that she didn't love sleeping by herself, and really, who could resist her sweet face? I can't say I blame her-I'd much rather sleep next to a warm body, especially given my choice of that or that cold, plastic box in the hospital.

So, since then, her sweet little behind has slept nicely plopped between her mother and her father . I wasn't going to sleep with my child, but like I mentioned, she insisted. We're trying to transition her to sleep in places other than our arms. Don't tell her, but I wouldn't mind if she didn't do so well with the transition right now. I'm really tempted to not even bother with it because I love waking up that close to her every single morning. And despite the groans when people hear we're sleeping with her, I know she'll do fine at moving to her own bed when we're all ready. She's in her crib at the moment...not making a peep. We'll see how she fares.

And speaking of my little rascal, the child has definitely started giggling. I can never decide if I should laugh with her or cry. I mean, the fact that she is giggling is a sure sign she is't going to stay small forever, but her giggle is to die for. My own giggles always win-her laugh is hysterical. And what is it about the entertaining thing for babies?! The strangest things get them, so I end up looking like (and sounding like) a drunk old man who has lost his dentures or something like that.

Tomorrow is the start of my weekend, and I have a long list awaiting. Top of the list, however, is sleeping in every day. That sounds awful, and if I didn't know better, I would swear to you I was pregnant! (and um, believe me, I know better) This getting up early thing is not for me. Luckily, it's only 4 days a week...but that's plenty.

She's over the crib (yesss!) and I have a date with American Idol.

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