Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Stories by Number

So, I'd like to know who it is that has explained to my baby that it's okay for her to grow at a rapid pace. The girl is near laughing which don't get me wrong-it's one more thing added to the list of precious things she does, but seriously at nine weeks?! Last night, she was practically in fits of giggles as her daddy read her a book about Winnie the Pooh.

My computer bit the dust about an hour ago and I wanted to throw an all out toddler tantrum. It's the stupid charger cord-this was the third cord that has taken a digger. I hate this computer; if we had a multitude of spare funds just lying around, I'd go for a new computer rather than buying another cord (which mind you, is $100+)

I'm having a serious internal battle with myself on a daily basis. I have got to lose this baby weight and get some major toning accomplished, but I can't seem to resist the junk. I swear to you, those donuts in the pantry are all but begging me to eat them as quickly as I can. I inhaled ate three of them last night. I think it's a problem because part of me believes that the last seven pounds will just melt away like the first fifty. Um, so maybe I can get going on this? I need to just start monitoring what I'm eating and then working out to boot.

Number Stories:

9..the number of weeks old my baby is. Sigh.

50...number of minutes until I get to watch American Idol (I wish I were kidding about how excited about this I am, but alas I am not.)

7..number of days I have been essentially deaf in my right ear (more like, it feels like someone has piled a wad of cotton ball in there. Everything is annoyingly muffled)

113..number of days until I am the proud new owner of a bachelor's degree

66..number of months I have been with my husband*

*part of that time, he was my boyfriend, and then fiancee.

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