Thursday, December 31, 2009

Love Letters

I recently had a book published.

I am a little bit famous.

Okay, that's a lie.  But you might say I'm famous in my daughter's eyes.  (Or not).

But really, I did publish a book.  It's called Love Letters and in it are all of the letters I ever wrote to Ruby, beginning when she was about the size of a pear and I hardly knew her at all.  Most of these letters can be found in my blog, but not those very first ones from my pregnancy or her 1 month letter.

If you have a few hours and would like to experience my overly mushy views on motherhood and baby changes and all that (oh and pictures!) then, you can find them in the following locations:

Two Months

Three Months

Four Months

Five Months

Six Months

Seven Months

Eight Months

Nine Months

Ten Months

Eleven Months

The Birthday Letter

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