Friday, January 30, 2009

I Wanna Hold Your Hand.

I finally finished the story of Roo's big debut. It can be found here. I'm still missing details that I'll probably recall at some random time-I'll edit when the need arises. It's strange to me that in eleven short weeks, I can forget some of the details. I remember thinking right after she was born I don't know how anybody does this more than once. It was by far the most painful and most rewarding experience all wrapped up in one. I'm almost ashamed to admit this, but I'm already planning on another one, so I guess they mean it when they say you forget the pain.

The other day I asked Jimmy about a potential name candidate for a future baby (girl), and to my dismay he remembered it from before when I asked him about it. He's not a huge fan and he said, "Haven't we talked about this one before?" I'm secretly hoping he will forget in the time before we have another one-if we have a girl, that is, because I really do like it. It's unique, and it goes well with our last name.

I made a pot of coffee today. I made it quite apparent that I need a lesson (or five) on how to scoop the right amount of those chocolate truffle grounds into the filter. My whole body jittered after one cup of it. On the plus side, the smell of divine chocolate now lingers through my house.

I managed to accomplish a whole lot of sitting around and playing with the baby today. And whole ZERO loads of laundry. I'm doing good with the whole motivation battle, I tell ya what. I'll see how well I can quietly place the baby somewhere to sleep (pshh, who am I kidding?!) and run off to get a load in. In reality, I probably have about ten loads of laundry. I swear there must be someone else's clothes in there...that or the clothes are multiplying while we sleep.

Speaking of clothes-I have way too many. Too many that don't fit and too many that I will likely never wear. My goal is to have them all out of my closet by March. Off to Goodwill they go-someone will get a lot more use out of them than I am...and hey, can't go wrong with another tax write off!

Ruby has discovered that she is the master controller of her body movements, mainly her head. She has rubbed a bald spot in the back of her head because she loves to turn her head from side to side. It's quite comical to watch her figure these things out. And she still loves to suck on that hand! Her little giggle develops a little more into a recognizable laugh each day. She laughs the most over someone telling her she stinks. Go figure-she's definitely her daddy's kid.

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The Nowaks said...

Mmmm, chocolate coffee sounds good!

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