Friday, January 30, 2009

Going to the City

I taught my dog how to climb a tree. Know why? Because a hole-pecker put all these holes in it, so now my dog can climb the tree.

[really said that fast-I had to ask him to repeat it. He said that because we usually ask the kids if it's an emergency to go to the bathroom when we're in the middle of something. They almost always say yes, in case you were wondering]

Ruby has not puked anymore, thankfully. Unfortunately, that does not mean I have any less laundry to do. I don't know what has come over me, but suddenly it's like I'm phobic of laundry. Not really, but it sounded good, didn't it? One of these days, I'm bound to break my leg as I get out of bed because I have so many clothes stacked there (and on the chair and over the unused side of the pack-n-play as well. Not to mention the heaping mounds in the closet).

I talked to my cousin Melissa last night for a long time. She's due with her first baby in six weeks and very reminiscent of the way I felt in the weeks before I had my own baby. Pregnancy is a challenge for those of us that like to plan. When you don't know what you're planning for (other than a baby at the end, obviously), then it's really hard to prepare. So she had a list of questions and we talked about several things-I'm so excited to meet little Dezi. I'm in the process of rewriting my birth story just so I can remember every little detail. I'm discovering that I have forgotten things that I would like to remember much quicker than I'd like to admit.

Tomorrow, we have a big day planned. Okay, so it's nothing extravagant to anyone who actually had ready access to a city with more than one stoplight, but don't burst my bubble. We're going to make a day out of shopping, eating out, and possibly seeing a movie-depending on the mood of the little one. I'm overly excited about going. Hey, I don't get out much!

I have to pay my school bill today. I think it's just great that they really encourage us not to get a job as we student teach, and while they're not teaching us a thing (it's all the classroom experience), we have to pay the normal tuition. Goodbye $800.

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