Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tales of To Dos (and poop, too!)

I'm on pace to set the world record for most things mailed in the course of three months. Okay okay, so maybe not the world record, but definitely my own. I think I have mailed more stuff in the last three months than I have ever mailed in my life. And the best part is, I am not done. I'm picking up baby announcements and Christmas cards tomorrow. Can I just say-I hate licking envelopes. Blech. Perhaps, I should invest in one of those do dads-you know the things you fill with water and roll the sponge over the adhesive?

My child boycotted sleep for nearly six hours today. Fun for everyone, let me tell you. I have accomplished a whole lotta nothing today because of it. Well, unless you count eating, watching TV, and taking a shower accomplishments (I don't). I can't complain, however. I did get a lot accomplished yesterday (laundry, thank yous, gift wrapping, swept and vacuumed all floors, and picked up our pig sty bedroom...and made a new recipe for dinner! Feel free to call me Martha). Plus, how can I complain when I have this adorable, snuggly little person to look at for hours?! I only complain a little bit when she shoots poop out of her diaper and gets it all over my leg (this has happened twice in the last two days). And that whole oh, newborn poop doesn't stink, especially if you're breastfeeding bit is absolutely 100% not true in the case of my daughter. For such a tiny little person, she creates a whole lotta stink. And let me tell ya, she can fart with the best of them too. Lady like, that one!

We're set for a Christmas shopping adventure for tomorrow. I may have nightmares about the horrendous crowds, but I don't have too much of a choice. It must get done tomorrow (as I'm quite sure, I'm having Christmas at my house either tomorrow night or Thursday!!) I also have my follow up doctor's appointment-something I'm not exactly jumping for joy over...not because I fear bad news or anything, but because I'm reeeally sick of the foot in the stirrups, let me have a look up there song and dance. This should [hopefully] be the last time for that game for quite awhile.

The rest of my week is rather jam-packed with stuff to do. I have an ever-growing to do list; I add things quicker than I can get things done and scratched off. Such is the life of a wife, mom, and student [teacher!] Tomorrow, I'll be gone all day, shopping (oh, and that pesky doctor's appointment). Thursday will be my last day to get things done-things such as cleaning my house, finishing up with whatever wrapping I may have, and packing for the trip we leave on the very next day! Oh and lose about twenty pounds, too. Hah, who am I kidding-this weight is never going to come off when I'm binging like a professional bulemic..minus the purging part, of course. Going forty weeks and having so many of my favorite indulgences be taboo is torture! Now that I can have them again, I have been out of control. I shouldn't complain-I'm almost down to my pre-pregnancy weight, and I have exercised a whole...(let me count) oh, zero times. This should be interesting-packing for my six week old for a week in weather we don't have here. I have made lists like the obsessive-compulsive person that I am, but I'm sure I'll still forget to think of something. Thursday evening, I meet with my student teaching mentor, and Friday we leave for California!

Speaking of my little rascal, I finally captured her beautiful [dimply!] smile:

Nothing in the entire world matters to me when her face lights up like that. And to think, we created such a beautiful person. She absolutely lights up my world.

And because I stood (okay, sat) there like the annoying overly proud mama with a camera two inches from her face, you can see the many faces of Ruby:

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