Sunday, December 21, 2008

Family Fun, California Style

Not having had any alcohol in close to a year, I can definitely feel the wine in my system after a class and a half. As much as I loved being pregnant, it's so nice to not have to monitor every single substance that enters my body.

Trip to Indio was rather uneventful, though I can't say I loved driving for sixteen hours straight. It wasn't too bad, but between being squeezed into a sardine can-sized slot in the car and worrying about how the baby was, I didn't get any sleep. Luckily, I am not paying too much for that today-the husband and I managed to sleep for about twelve hours last night. Bless my child for being such a wonderful sleeper.

Speaking of my sweet child, she occupied herself in the car yesterday with a new trick. Her Uncle Corey was sticking his tongue out at her, and I kid you not (I know, I know-my own baby genius), she mimicked his every move. They spent a good five minutes sticking their tongues out at one another. She was pretty proud at herself, too, as she's slip sly baby smiles in between the tongue games.

Today has been fairly laid back. We went to the movie Yes Man [starring Jim Carey], which we all really enjoyed. And I'm quite proud to say that my baby slept through the entire thing like the angel she is. After that, we traipsed over to the 99-cent store where we proceeded to act like drunken clowns. Quite possibly the most random store I had ever been in. Among the gems in there were [keep in mind, there was nothing more than 99.99 cents] condoms (flavored and otherwise), fresh produce, quite a collection of sea food in vacuum-sealed bags, underwear, and the random paraphenalia you'd normally find in an 89-year-old woman's home.

I think Sea World's on the agenda for tomorrow, which I'm probably entirely too excited about given that I am not five years old.

Did I mention how beautiful the weather is here? Beats the single digit weather and the foot of snow we have at home.

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